Drivers who have mileage over 7,500 miles a year 'warned'

Drivers over 70 have been urged to follow a handy tip that can help to lower car insurance in minutes. Connor Campbell, a motoring expert at Independent Advisor Car Insurance, warned some insurers have a maximum age limit.

But elderly drivers and motorists who are aged over 70 will still be able to find a car insurance policy for them. He advised: "Legally, there is no maximum age limit for car insurance as long as you're still fit and healthy enough to drive.

"So, in your 70s and beyond, there will be a car insurance policy out there that will allow you to maintain your independence and stay on the road. You may have slightly less choice, however. While most car insurance providers don't impose an age limit on their policies, some do.

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"This will normally be between 70 and 80 years of age." The expert road group warned one of the most effective ways for elderly drivers to lower the cost of cover is by travelling fewer miles, which can cut premiums for motorists nationwide.

Drivers who cover fewer than about 7,400 miles, the average mileage in the UK, can qualify for a low-mileage policy, which is generally much cheaper. Another way in which Independent Advisor Car Insurance noted drivers over 70 can lower their policy is by opting for a pay-as-you-go insurance policy.

Aimed at low mileage drivers, pay-per-mile car insurance is a rolling contract, where what you pay monthly is based on the number of miles you’ve driven. The less you drive, the less you pay. Typically, with pay-per-mile providers, you pay monthly for the number of miles you drive.

You also pay an additional amount, either monthly or yearly, to cover the time when your car is parked. Some providers charge in a different way, but still based on usage.