Drivers slapped with lower speed limit to 'reduce number of vehicle damage claims'

Vehicle damage claims in Wales have fallen 20 per cent since the speed limit was cut to 20mph, a leading insurer has said. There has been fierce opposition to the 20mph scheme from the Conservatives in the Senedd in Wales.

Rob Clark, head of motor underwriting at esure, said: “We can see a clear drop in vehicle damage claims in Wales since the 20mph speed restriction was introduced in September 2023. During a time when we usually see these claims rise, they dropped and have continued to do so in the first quarter of 2024. The restriction is clearly having an impact.”

Rod King, the founder of the campaign group 20’s Plenty for Us, said the data from esure “confirms on a national scale the benefits from lower speeds not only reducing casualties and danger but also providing a benefit to drivers in reduced insurance claims”.

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He added: “The reductions are both statistically significant and timely in showing the reduction in road danger from implementing 20mph limits on a national basis. Statistically, some of those crashes which never happened would have resulted in death or injury for the road users involved. The national 20mph limits has already saved lives and injury.”

The Conservatives previously argued it will cost the Welsh economy billions of pounds with the Welsh shadow transport minister, Natasha Asghar, calling the rollout “madcap, ludicrous” and Penny Mordaunt, the leader of the House of Commons, attacking it as “absolutely insane”.

The RAC’s head of policy, Simon Williams, said: “It’s vitally important that drivers are fully aware of the arrival of the 20mph limit in Wales, and pay full attention to all road signage. And, until satnav systems have been fully updated, they shouldn’t rely on them to know what the speed limit is on any particular stretch of Welsh road.”