Drivers can spend £3 today to avoid £500 fine over 'bad' mistake

A driving expert has shared a handy £3 trick to solving a bad seatbelt issue. Motorists could solve a major seatbelt issue with a homemade tip - amid warnings you can be fined up to £500 if you do not wear a seat belt when you’re supposed to.

On TikTok, the car expert spoke out in a viral video and shared: "How to fix BAD seatbelt retraction LIKE the video to help me out with the algorithm, COMMENT with any questions you have and FOLLOW for more on every step of the car flipping process! Check me out on INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE. @BenFlipsCars

"STEP 1: Fill a bucket with some Laundry detergent and hot water STEP 2: Put down a towel and place the bucket on top of it STEP 3 Pull the seatbelt all the way out and stop it from retracting by placing a couple fo pegs where the seatbelt comes out

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"STEP 4 Put as much of the seatbelt in the water as you can. Give it a few good squeezes so the water soaks in STEP 5 Leave the seatbelt to soak for a good hour or 2 STEP 6 Remove the seatbelt and place it onto the towel

"STEP 7 Hang the seatbelt over the steering wheel or dash and leave it in the sun to dry. Ideally leave it with the windows down overnight STEP 8 Once it's dry, remove the pegs and feed the seatbelt back into the retractor. Leave it for 30 secs and now try it. Should retract much faster and more easily #benflipscars"

He said; said: “Did you know how easy it is to fix a dragging seatbelt that won’t retract properly? First fill up a bucket with some laundry detergent and hot water and next place the towel down on the seat and place your bucket on top of the towel.

“Next pull the seatbelt out as far as you can and stop it from retracting by placing a couple of pegs by where it comes out. Put as much of the seatbelt into the soapy water bucket as you can. Give the seatbelt a few good squeezes to try and help the water soak into the seatbelt. Now you just want to let the seatbelt soak in the hot detergent water for a good couple of hours.

"After a couple of hours, you should come out and see there's quite a bit of dirt floating around in the water. That’s all the c*** that’s been gunking up the seatbelt coming out. Now you can move your bucket forward let the seatbelt come out and place it onto the towel. I’ve hung the seatbelt up over the chair in front. Leave the seatbelt to dry overnight or ideally on a sunny day.

“Once it's dry remove the pegs and feed the seatbelt back into the retractor. Leave it there for 30 seconds and then give it a try. It should retract a lot faster and much more easily.”