Drivers stop to photograph 26ft statue of nude man dubbed the Suffolk Colossus

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A 26ft-tall bronze sculpture of a naked man built near a busy road has attracted the attention of drivers.

The eight-tonne artwork, called The Yoxman, was commissioned by a tourism firm and installed in the grounds of the 16th century Cockfield Hall in Yoxford, Suffolk.

The statue, dubbed the Suffolk Colossus, is visible from the A12, which stretches from London to Lowestoft in Suffolk.

Russell Pearce, chairman of Yoxford Parish Council, said: “I think it’s great.

The Yoxman statue
The Yoxman statue by artist Laurence Edwards stands beside the A12 road at Cockfield Hall in Yoxford, Suffolk. (Joe Giddens/ PA)

“There’s a lay-by beside it and people do stop and take photographs of it.

“They pull into the lay-by, stop, take photographs and drive on.

“You can see it as you drive past.

“I suppose if somebody had never seen it before perhaps it could be distracting, but I don’t see it as a problem personally.

“I’ve not witnessed any issues.”

The Yoxman statue
The 26ft high bronze figure, which has been dubbed the “Suffolk Colossus”, weighs eight tonnes and is one of the largest bronze sculptures to have been cast in the UK. (Joe Giddens/ PA)

Mr Pearce said there had been “a lot of good feedback in the village”, adding: “A few people don’t like it, but then you’re not going to please everybody.”

Sculptor Laurence Edwards, who lives in the village, said when the statue was unveiled in November: “Yoxman is a beacon of local identity and a frame of reference for an evolving relationship with the landscape.

“He’s kind of like a revenant, (a) visitor from the past that’s come back, musing on an unrecognisable environment and contemplating its future.

“The sculpture also marks a transforming moment on the River Yox’s journey through the lowlands of East Suffolk, before it flows – as the Minsmere – out into the North Sea.”

The Yoxman was created at Edwards’s nearby studio and foundry in Halesworth.

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