Drivers 'unable' to get car insurance due to new 'age limit' rule

Older drivers above the age of 70 may be unable to secure some car insurance. Connor Campbell from Independent Advisor Car Insurance claimed some firms do have age restrictions in place meaning those above some ages are unable to get cover for their motors.

Connor said: “Legally, there is no maximum age limit for car insurance as long as you’re still fit and healthy enough to drive. So in your 70s and beyond, there will be a car insurance policy out there that will allow you to maintain your independence and stay on the road. You may have slightly less choice, however.

“While most car insurance providers don’t impose an age limit on their policies, some do. This will normally be between 70 and 80 years of age.” Compare the Market stressed this was often at the firms' discretion as it issued a warning over age limits on policies.

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They explained: “No, although some providers impose their own maximum age limit. As long as you’re medically fit to drive, you’ll be able to find car insurance with no upper age limit.” And Dial Direct added: “Although there is not an official maximum age at which you cannot get insured, insurance providers will set their own age limits for which they are willing to offer car insurance.

“This limit will vary between insurance providers so make sure you check with your own individual insurance providers so that you can get covered.” Money Saving Expert, the consumer website launched by Martin Lewis, the BBC and ITV star, has previously warned over age limits, too.

"Is there a maximum age for car insurance? Not legally, but some insurers will set their own limits on who they will cover. So you may want to check with your insurer on this," MSE - which was founded by the Martin Lewis Money Show TV and podcast star - explained in a guide on its website.