Drivers warned to check for hidden code on tyres which is 'unsafe'

A top mechanic has shared a hidden code on tyres that can affect performance and safety. US mechanic Scotty Kilmer shared the warning via his YouTube platform, with his videos increasingly popular with British road users and motorists.

The road guru and car whizz shared the meaning behind a subtle code that can help drivers find the perfect tyres for their vehicle. He explained: "Tyres have various ratings depending on how fast you want to drive. For example, if you have a car that goes more than 186mph, you have to buy ZR-rated tyres.

"Now, these Michelins are R rated tyres, they can go up to 106mph. We're old, we don't drive that fast, so it's perfectly fine." He advised: "Now, granted some tyres are just expensive. My grandson bought two front tyres for his Toyota Tundra. They cost $800 (£630), for just two of them!

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"So, if you're cheap like me and don't drive all that much, just buy the third cheapest tyre you can get and put them on your car. They'll probably dry rot (crack) before you can use all the tread on them anyway." In reply, a driver typed: "My everyday world is very close to home so dry rot will probably be the end for my tires . Thanks for the practical advice."

A second viewer wrote: "If you have a car that does need ZR tires, the rears will only last about 5000 miles and are $600 each, so you don't need to worry about dry rot. :-)" And a third commented to say: "Continental be my next recommendation behind Michelin after that pretty much downhill"

Another wrote: "From the Philippines here. I have been driving since the year 2000. Based on my experience I find Michelin the best for the road conditions in my country. It is an expensive brand but you have the confidence that you are using good quality tires."