Drivers warned over law-breaking mistake that could lead to fines up to £2,500

Car repair specialists at Bumper have issued a warning to British motorists about the potential for substantial fines when carrying out car repairs on public roads, particularly as breakdowns increase over the summer months.

"Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, performing any work on a motor vehicle on the roadside, including repairs, maintenance, or servicing is illegal," a spokesperson said. "The only exception to this rule is when responding to a vehicle breakdown."

"It's crucial for drivers to be aware that roadside repairs, maintenance, or servicing are prohibited unless the vehicle has broken down. This regulation is in place to ensure public safety and maintain the quality of life for residents. Ignoring this rule can result in significant fines."

"Many drivers are unaware of the repercussions of performing car repairs on public roads. The fines can be severe, reaching up to £2,500. This aims to reduce nuisances and hazards associated with roadside repairs, and we strongly advise Brits to adhere to it to avoid hefty penalties."

"You are allowed to repair your own vehicle, as the law only prohibits repairs done for financial gain or profit. However, if your repairs create excessive noise or air pollution, authorities may intervene to stop you from continuing these activities and slap you with a fine."