Drivers warned over 'no flash' speed cameras that are catching hundreds a day

A view of a speed camera...
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A new breed of 'ultra' speed cameras on UK roads can catch drivers unawares, and they won't even realise they've been caught. These advanced cameras don't flash when triggered and operate round the clock in any weather conditions, without needing to flash.

They utilise infrared light to read number plates, even in low light conditions. This means they don't require road markings to function, making it difficult for drivers to know when they're within their range.

Furthermore, they monitor both sides of the road simultaneously. These features make them harder to spot and easier to be caught by for speeding and other offences such as not wearing seatbelts or using a mobile phone while driving.

Adding to the woes, these cameras are much smaller than the traditional yellow boxes, making them tough to see until it's too late. Apart from detecting speeding, they can also identify if you've run a red light or if you're using your phone.

The cameras employ AI technology to scan cars for increased accuracy, reports the Express. The AI is a video system that detects potential infringements like using a phone at the wheel, which is then reviewed by a human, similar to VAR.

These cameras are already operational on UK roads and can be found in Devon, Wales, Cornwall and Manchester. One camera in Cornwall issued an astonishing 3,280 tickets in its first week of operation, equating to 234 fines a day.

Naturally, there is one foolproof method to avoid getting caught by speed cameras: always observe the speed limits and refrain from speeding.