Drivers warned to start conducting nightly 'check' before going to sleep

Drivers have been warned "half" of thefts are happening because motorists are leaving doors unlocked. A police force in North London have warned motorists, drivers and users to "please always make sure" to "double check" cars are locked overnight.

Uxbridge Police said: "There have been a number of thefts from vehicles in #Uxbridge where the perpetrator has gained entry through an unlocked car door. An ITV study shows this is responsible for as many as 44% of car thefts. Please always make sure to double check you have locked your car overnight!"

Analysis of data by the Office for National Statistics found that 363,321 vehicles were reported stolen to the police last year and that nearly half occurred when the car was left unlocked by the owner. CEO of RegTransfers Mark Trimbee said: “When it comes to your keys, keep them out of sight and away from entry points to prevent theft through methods like key fishing.

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“For keyless entry cars, it’s wise to reprogram keys when buying a second-hand car. Using signal-blocking pouches can prevent relay attacks, and investing in a steering wheel lock adds an extra layer of security - for both keyed and keyless cars.”

Replying to the warning from cops, a social media user said: "The "common mistake" is that this, and ALL, UK governments have done nothing to deter thieves. Thieves should spend at least 1 year in prison for a first offence, 10 for a second and life thereafter."

"Thieves go for the easiest option, if a car cannot be opened without the owner present they will then just take the owner. Mercedes developed a fingerprint recognition system, but they had to discontinue it when car thieves removed a thumb from one of the owners," a second wrote.

"The simple mistake was not creating a suitable deterrent to thieves," another fumed.