Drivers warned about vehicle 'weakness' making them 'easy' for thieves to steal

Van owners have been warned their vehicles could be at risk.
-Credit: (Image: Birmingham Mail)

Drivers are being warned about a vulnerable part of vehicles which are often targeted by criminals. The message has been sent to van drivers, whose vehicles are likely to be more at risk.

This could be vans being stolen or contents such as tools being nicked from inside. Owners are now being advised to take steps to strengthen the security of their vans to help protect them from crooks.

Sliding side doors and rear doors are particularly vulnerable, van owners have been told. Side doors are often targeted by thieves due to their weaker locking mechanisms.

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Sten Saar, CEO of Zego Van Insurance, explained: "Sliding doors can be a weak point because they often have less robust locks compared to rear doors." Meanwhile, thieves often use tools to pry rear doors open at the seam where the doors meet.

This method is often quick and quiet, allowing thieves to gain access without drawing attention. "The seams of rear barn doors can be easily pried open if the locks aren't fortified," Mr Saar added.

Van owners are always encouraged to take tools out of vans overnight. To help deter thieves, van owners have been told they could take steps like installing stronger locking systems, installing alarms, adding tracking devices and parking near security cameras.

There are simple and free steps owners can also take to help keep their vans safe, such as parking them in open and well-lit areas. Mr Saar said: "Investing in high-quality locks can be a significant deterrent." He added: "Visibility and surveillance are key deterrents for thieves."