New driving laws set to hit roads in England and are 'on side of drivers'

Rishi Sunak has pledged to launch major driving law changes to protect road users from 20mph roads and huge fines if the Tories win the General Election. Mr Sunak, the Prime Minister, unveiled his manifesto at Silverstone in Northamptonshire today (Tuesday).

The Tory MP and PM vowed to take "bold actions to deliver a secure future for our country and your family". The manifesto says: "Since 2010, the Conservative Government has consistently been on the side of drivers.

"We have prioritised freezes in Fuel Duty and recently published our ‘Plan for Drivers’ including reforms to make better use of bus lanes, introduce penalties for overrunning street works and implement a consistent approach to the enforcement of entering yellow box junctions.

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"Following the recent consultation, we will allow motorcycles in all bus lanes and reform motorcycle licensing." The Backing Drivers Bill will see blanket 20mph speed limits ditched and Low Traffic Neighbourhood and Clean Air Zones challenged.

Councils will also be given the power to ban pavement parking. The government will commit to its pledge to build no new smart motorways and force petrol and diesel retailers to share live information on their prices, Mr Sunak said.

Discussing the clampdown on 20mph zones and the raft of other measures, Richard Hebditch, UK Director at Transport & Environment, said: “The Conservatives are clearly taking energy security seriously, so it's baffling that there isn’t a focus on policies to reduce the UK's reliance on foreign oil.

"Electric cars and trucks are dirt cheap to run, don't drench the air with pollution and don't rely on Middle Eastern oil. The 2019 manifesto committed the Conservatives to ‘lead the global fight against climate change’." He went on: "Watering down ambition serves no-one and undermines the cross-party consensus on which the UK’s strong progress has been built.”