The new driving test explained: The changes learners need to know about

The driving test is modernising, so what do you have to do to pass? Here are the changes learners need to know about.

:: You will have to show that you can follow instructions from a sat nav supplied by the examiner.

:: One in five tests will still not use a sat nav, so you will still have to be able to follow road signs as well.

:: It does not matter if you go the wrong way while following the sat nav, providing you do not make a fault while doing so.

:: The amount of independent driving you have to do in your test will increase from 10 to 20 minutes.

:: The requirement to reverse around a corner in the exam is being scrapped, although your driving instructor should still teach you how to do it.

:: Likewise, there is no requirement to do a three-point turn in your test but, again, you should know how to do one.

:: Instead you will have to show that you can perform one of three more common reversing manoeuvres.

:: These include parallel parking and driving in to and out of a parking bay (either backwards or forwards).

:: You will also be expected to show that you know how to wash the windows and use car controls like the wipers or heated windscreens.

:: The examiner will also ask you to answer two questions about vehicle safety. This will include things like tyre pressures and how to check headlights are working.

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