Drone Captures Beauty of Frozen Waterfall at Ogden Canyon

Known for its scenic roads and luscious valleys, Utah’s Ogden Canyon is awash with colour for most of the year. But come winter, this mountain-ridden region transforms into an icy paradise.

Local drone pilot Justin McFarland captured the essence of the canyon’s beauty when he flew his drone over a frozen waterfall.

The fall stretches 300 feet and flows all year round into the Ogden River, according to McFarland,

“Every time we drive through Ogden Canyon, I make sure to tell the kids to ‘look at the waterfall’,” he told Storyful.

“Many people drive by, but few will get out and see the waterfall up close, to feel the mist, hear the sound of rushing water from the falls and the river below.” Credit: Justin McFarland via Storyful