Drone Captures Chicago Streets Deserted During COVID-19 'Stay Home' Order

Illinois Gov JB Pritzker has extended a statewide “stay home” order until the end of April, meaning the scenes captured in this drone video, of empty Chicago streets, are set to continue.

Dan Barker of Fly By Chicago recorded this footage, which includes such famous landmarks as Millennium Park, the Chicago Theater, and Wrigley Field.

Speaking to Storyful, Barker said, “I haven’t seen the city like this since 9/11. Every single major tourist destination is shut down. On top of that, now the vast majority of everyday normal businesses are shuttered as well. That never happened on 9/11. People are home, and they’re panicked.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that by March 31, 5,994 people in Illinois had tested positive for the coronavirus, with cases centered in Chicago and neighboring Cook County. Credit: FlyByChicago.com via Storyful