Drone Footage Shows Efforts to Stabilize Whaley Bridge Dam

Police in Derbyshire, England, released footage on August 5, showing progress on the operation to make safe the damaged dam of the Toddbrook Reservoir at Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire.

The footage was shown first to evacuated residents of the town during a meeting on August 4. During the meeting, Constable Rachel Swann said that Derbyshire Constabulary had closed the window of opportunity for evacuated residents to revisit their properties because a small number of people went back to their properties and refused to leave.

Swann went on to tell residents that once the water level had sufficiently dropped, engineers would go into the reservoir to inspect it. If the dam wall was found to be safe after this inspection, then residents would be allowed back to their homes, she said. Credit: Derbyshire Constabulary via Storyful