Drone Footage Shows Russian Ammunition Depot Destroyed Near Soledar, Ukrainian Military Official Says

Drone footage released on Tuesday, January 10, showed a structure exploding on the outskirts of Soledar, Ukraine, amid fierce fighting in and around the frontline town.

Brigadier General Serhiy Melnyk, who posted the footage, said the building was a Russian ammunition depot.

Late on Tuesday night, the head of Russian mercenary group Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said his fighters had encircled Ukrainian forces and held effective control of Soledar.

The claim was quickly rejected by the Ukrainian brigade defending Soledar, as well as Yuriy Butusov, a journalist embedded with troops in the area.

The UK’s defense ministry warned on Monday that Soledar was close to falling under Russian control after they made tactical advances over the last four days.

Serhiy Cherevaty, spokesman for the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said Wagner had deployed its most capable fighters to the area and that Ukrainian forces were trying to deplete their numbers to limit the impact of their advances, Ukrainian media reported. Credit: Brigadier General Serhiy Melnyk via Storyful

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