Drone Footage Shows Speedy Construction of New Hospital in Wuhan (FILE)

Note: This file video was originally published on January 24, 2020. The video was republished in March 2020, due to a change made in Storyful’s CMS.

Drone footage taken on January 24, 2020, shows a mass of construction machines working at a site in Wuhan where the Chinese government is furiously beginning to build a new hospital to handle cases of a coronavirus that originated in the city.

The footage was provided to Storyful by ChinaFile, a magazine run out of the Center on US-China Relations at Asia Society.

Local hospitals have been overwhelmed by patients in recent days. Footage analyzed by Storyful on January 23, 2020, showed one medical facility crammed with masked crowds waiting for testing and care.

The new hospital — which is modeled on prefab facilities quickly erected during the SARS outbreak — is meant to house 1,000 beds. Authorities plan to complete construction in less than two weeks.

On January 24, the site, which Storyful geolocated to a location northwest of the Yangtze River, was still only dirt being excavated by workers. Credit: ChinaFile via Storyful