Drone Gives Up-Close Look at Building on Jeffrey Epstein's Private Island

Drone video shows one of the buildings on Little St James -the private island in the US Virgin Islands that was owned by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly died by suicide on August 10 while awaiting trial in a Manhattan jail.

Footage posted on a YouTube account on July 12 under the moniker Rusty Shackleford (taken from the animated series King of the Hill) and captured on July 11 shows a closer look at one of the buildings. Shackleford told Storyful what looks to be a large wooden door on the building and a big lock are painted on to give a 3D feel to the flat wall, the wood around the sides and the windows are also painted. The footage is part of a collection of drone videos posted to the YouTube account, starting on July 10. Credit: Rusty Shackleford via Storyful