‘Dronecode’ Introduced To Prevent Irresponsible Users From Endangering Lives

Following several near misses, a ‘Dronecode’ has been introduced to keep irresponsible users from putting anyone in danger.

Aimed at recreational drone users, the new charter was launched by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and urges people to use their common sense in order to fly safely.

The Dronecode states that users must be able to see their drone at all times and should not fly them above 400ft.

It stresses that drones should be kept away from aircraft, helicopters, airports and airfields.

Drone users risk prosecution and up to five years in prison if they put the safety of other aircraft at risk.

There are a couple of extra rules for drones fitted with cameras, which must not be flown within 50m of people, vehicles, buildings or structures.

Camera-equipped drones are not permitted to fly over congested areas, or large gatherings such as concerts or sporting events.

Drones used for any commercial purposes require special permission from the CAA, in order to avoid possible prosecution.

Irresponsible drone flyers have recently been slammed by aviation experts following a series of near misses. In one incident, a drone almost collided with Airbus A320 as it came in to land at Heathrow airport.

Last week, several ‘hobby’ drones prevented firefighting helicopters from tackling a wildfire in California.

(Image credit: IB Times)