Drowning raccoon rescued from storm drain in Long Island, New York

A wild raccoon was rescued from drowning in a storm drain in Long Island, New York.The 2ft-long mammal was hunting for food in a park in a neighbourhood when it slipped down a concrete hole in Port Jefferson on September 12.It was swept away while fighting to stay afloat along the current until a passing resident saw the creature and called for help.Footage shows a volunteer from local animal rescue organisation Strong Island Animal Rescue League using a snare pole to secure and carry the creature safely.Rescuer Frankie Floridia said: ‘He barely had any time left, especially with the rain coming. With the rising tide, it would have consumed him. He would have been finished.'Before scooping the raccoon off the water, the rescuer pried up the steel drain cover with a wrench with the help of the police.Animal lover Frankie added the water was so deep that the creature had no choice but to swim.He said: ‘He was just holding on because the water was so deep that, I mean, he had to swim when he fell in.‘And he couldn't leverage himself to come up because his body would have swung down, and he didn't have the power to pull himself up.'Once the animal was taken out of the drain, Frankie placed him in a plastic container and released the creature to the woods nearby.Frankie said: ‘Everything was fine. The raccoon was completely fine. It was very healthy.'