'Drug dealer asked me for a Tesco meal deal – but I judged him over his choices'

tesco supermarket
-Credit: (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

When it comes to getting a meal deal, we all have our preferences.

While some of us opt to get the most bang for our buck by adding coffees, pricey smoothies and premium sandwiches, others stick to basic sarnies and safer options like Diet Coke and ready salted crisps.

But everyone was judging a Tesco customer when they revealed what they wanted to eat. On X, a Brit mocked their "drug dealer" for making a rather unusual lunchtime request.

They asked the customer to do them a "favour" and pick up a meal deal with the £30 intended for the trade. The alleged criminal claimed they were "banned" from the store and couldn't go in – so needed someone to help.

While their punter agreed to do the trade, they were so horrified by the meal deal selections that they captioned the post: "Might be the worst meal deal ever..."

So what did they order? They asked for a "either a ham baguette or Rustlers box burger with any juice", along with Flame Grilled McCoy's crisps.

It's fair to say X users weren't impressed at all. One person quipped: "Deserves the ban from Tesco for that meal deal."

Another asked: "Why's he banned from Tesco," while someone else joked: "They've told him to stop with this meal and he wouldn't listen."

Some did defend the meal deal though – with one even sharing a way to serve up Rustlers burgers to perfection. They added: "Nah allow it man, you ever take a Rustlers burger – split it out and cook it on a pan, fry and add an egg?"

With that being said, would you give the meal deal a go? Let us know in the comments below.