Drug user dials 999 to report someone attempting to steal his drugs

Will Metcalfe

A 999 operator was left stunned after someone reported an attempted theft – of their cannabis stash.

Officers from Thames Valley Police in Buckinghamshire, said the caller dialled 999 and told the call handler: “Hi, people are trying to steal my weed off me.”

A spokesperson for the force wrote on their Facebook page : “This isn’t a call that we should be getting to our 101 or 999 phone lines, particularly when reporting the theft of your drugs!”

The force awarded the phone in “call of the week” and added the hashtag #everyvillagehasone.

At present cannabis is a Class B drug after a spell and possession can carry a five-year prison sentence and an unlimited fine.

At present cannabis is a Class B drug in the UK, anyone found in possession can be jailed for up to five years and handed an unlimited fine. Stock image. (PA)

Dozens of Facebook users weighed in to the debate describing the caller as a “village idiot”.

Mandy Hall wrote: “Goes to show what drugs do to the brain.”

One person wrote: “You can’t fix stupid”.

Another said it sounded like the caller had been “sampling a fair bit [of the drug] himself”.

And Lou Paynter also wrote: “They must have been high to make that call. What divs”.

A Thames Valley Police officer said the 999 call was made from the Aylesbury area.

“Officers searched for the caller but he was no longer on the scene, so no further action was taken,” he added.