Drunk driver sent crashing down stairs in train station after running red light

A suspected drink driver ploughed down the stairs of a train station after driving through a red light and colliding with a car.

The video shows cars crossing a busy junction with traffic lights, when suddenly the driver of a Mazda, 47, speeds through a red light, according to reports.

The dramatic incident took place at the Akademiya Nauk (Academy of Science) metro station in the capital of Belarus, Minsk.

A Mazda is sent hurtling onto the pavement as the alleged drink-driver crashes the Lada SUV across the junction and skids to a halt.

The crushed car in the underground passage (CEN)
A suspected drink-driver vanishes down the stairs of a metro station after running a red light and being hit by a car (CEN)

The motorist in the Mazda loses control of the vehicle, then it hurtles down the stairs of the station.

Thankfully nobody was injured in the incident, though the Lada was severely damaged, according to local press.


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Officers claim the Mazda driver is to blame for the accident and they suspect he was drunk when he ran the red light.

The driver got into an accident before driving into an underground passage (CEN)