Drunk e-scooter rider tries to use Birmingham's A38(M) motorway to get home

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A drunk e-scooter rider was spotted trying to use a motorway to get home after a night out in Birmingham.

In footage released by police, the man was seen heading north on the busy Aston Expressway A38M, away from the city centre.

At one point he even walked the e-scooter along the middle of the seven-lane carriageway while cars drove past at up to 50mph.

As he headed along the middle lane, a double-decker bus going in the opposite direction passed by, just a few feet away.

Police later stopped him on the expressway after being made aware of the incident, which happened at the weekend.

The Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG), which released the footage, said: "We are huge advocates of #modalshift [away from cars] and #ActiveTravel here at CMPG.

"But scooters and the like should never be on the network.

"This intoxicated male on the A38M on Sunday morning was stopped and reported after he found a novel but very dangerous way to get home after a night in Brum."

The motorway is unusual in that it has no central reservation separating its seven lanes and the speed limit on most of the road is 50mph.

It is not the first time an e-scooter user was seen trying to use a motorway in England.

A man on a private e-scooter attempted to join the M606 in Bradford at 15mph in June.

Private e-scooters are only allowed on private land in England but are frequently seen on roads and pavements.

West Midlands Police confiscated 106 e-scooters between January and June this year, and another 14 in Birmingham's city centre during a one-day crackdown in July.

Voi e-scooters are being trialled on cycleways and roads in Birmingham, Coventry and Sandwell - but are not allowed on motorways.

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