'Drunk' man tasered in Birmingham after threatening people with a metal bollard

SWMDtaser Shocking footage shows the moment a man was tasered at a train station following the England v Germany game after he began waving around a metal bollard. The suspect can be seen falling heavily to the ground after being zapped by British Transport Police (BTP) officers at Birmingham's New Street station. Dramatic mobile phone footage captures one cop repeatedly shouting "put it down, put it down now" as the young man grabs a post at the top of an escalator. As he raises it above his head the officer discharges the high voltage weapon, causing the man to immediately collapse behind a row of chairs. The two officers then rush over to detain the suspect as he lies incapacitated on the ground and tell him "face the floor" while they handcuff him. The footage has been viewed over 10,000 times in less than 24 hours after being obtained by the Birmz is Grime blog. Many web users criticised the officers for discharging the taser so quickly without trying to diffuse the situation in another way. But others said the video may "not show the entire story" and one witness claimed he saw the man threatening members of the public with the bollard beforehand. One Instagram user wrote: "Seems a bit harsh just for picking up a metal post. Surely there were other ways they could have dealt with this." Another added: "After the Dalian Atkinson case, these trigger happy officers have big questions to answer." A third commented: "You telling me they couldn't restrain him . Absolute jokers." while another put: "Dude fell like a domino". However, one person defended the officers and said: "Clearly this footage doesn't tell the entire story and he was obviously threatening to use violence." Another said: "The police did there job just fine as the guy was swinging the metal pipe at people and on the glass." One added: "Exactly how all morons should be dealt with. One warning then put them down hard." The video footage emerged as it was revealed that police officers in the UK are facing new restrictions over the use of tasers. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has been conducting a review amid concerns about the disproportionate use of stun guns. Police have reportedly deployed the weapons on 32,000 occasions in the year to March 2020 - double the number from two years earlier. It also follows the eight year sentence for West Mercia Police officer Benjamin Monk, 43, who was jailed on Tuesday (29/6) for the manslaughter of Dalian Atkinson.

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