Drunk trying to get himself run over arrested after swearing at people trying to stop him

White male being being handcuffed by Policeman
-Credit: (Image: Daniel Allan)

A drunken man walking into traffic shouted and swore at people trying to help him. Jason Wilson, 36, ended up being arrested by Leicestershire Police after the incident which happened in the middle of the day in Shepshed.

At Leicester Magistrates' Court on Wednesday (July 3) he pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in Church Street in the town near Loughborough. Prosecutor Sally Bedford told the court that Wilson, formerly of Old Station Close in Shepshed, had been "clearly extremely drunk" during the incident at lunchtime on Monday, June 17.

She said: "There were a number of calls to the police and the ambulance service reporting the defendant kept going into the road, saying he wanted to be run over.

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Jason Wilson, 36, was arrested in Church Street, Shepshed
Jason Wilson, 36, was arrested in Church Street, Shepshed -Credit:Google

"He was shouting and swearing and being aggressive when people tried to help and he was not heeding their warnings. The police and ambulance service arrived and he was extremely uncooperative. He continued shouting, swearing and causing a nuisance and as a last resort he was arrested."

Wilson, who now lives in Central Avenue, Clarendon Park, Leicester, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly.

Rachel Gaffney, representing Wilson, told the court Wilson had autism and mental health problems. She said: "He was not in a good place when this incident occurred and his medication has been increased since.

"He recognises this is not the best way to handle his feelings." She asked the magistrates to give her client a conditional discharge, which they agreed to.

He was given a conditional discharge for six months and ordered to pay £85 court costs and a £26 victim surcharge.