'Drunken clown' strangled partner in strop after coming home from pub

Lee Morgan strangled his partner after throwing a strop when he got back from the pub. <i>(Image: Facebook)</i>
Lee Morgan strangled his partner after throwing a strop when he got back from the pub. (Image: Facebook)

A “DRUNKEN clown” strangled his partner after throwing a strop when he got home from the pub.

When 42-year-old Lee Morgan got back from the pub on April 5, he lost his temper at his partner of 10 years.

Morgan threw clothes at her, lobbed a TV remote and a wallet at her head, and started hurling insults at her, prosecutor Ieuan Rees told Swansea Crown Court.

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When she went off to the bedroom, Morgan followed her, pushed her on to the bed and started strangling her “until everything started going dark,” Mr Rees said.

His partner managed to get away and call the police. She was left with red marks on her neck, the prosecutor said.

Mr Rees said that Morgan was “very drunk” when he was arrested, and he answered no comment to all questions when interviewed by police.

Morgan, of Green Close in Steynton, previously told the court that he was so drunk that night that he had “no recollection of the incident at all”. However he did plead guilty to a charge of strangulation.

He had also been charged with battery, relating to the same incident, and a further offence of strangulation on April 30 last year – which wasn’t reported at the time and had only emerged during the police investigation in to the latest offence.

Morgan pleaded not guilty to those two offences, but the Crown Prosecution Service deemed his guilty plea for this latest attack was acceptable and a trial wasn’t sought.

David Singh, in mitigation, said Morgan was “devastated by his behaviour” towards the victim.

“He was a drunken clown wasn’t he?,” Recorder Greg Bull KC said.

“Yes he was, and he knows that,” Mr Singh replied.

He added that Morgan was now keen to “rid himself of an addiction to alcohol”.

Addressing the defendant, Recorder Bull said: “You behaved like a drunken lout. Just because you were drunk, you lost your temper with your partner of 10 years.

“During a strop that lasted for over half an hour, you then attempted to strangle her.”

Recorder Bull sentenced Morgan to 12 months, suspended for 18 months. He must complete a 120-day alcohol abstinence monitoring programme and 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

Not guilty verdicts were entered to the remaining strangulation and battery charges.