Drunken lads who fixed bike rack at 3am say they're shocked by positive reaction - as council prepares to give them reward for 'public-spirited' actions

Dean Mason, Martin Griggs, Simon McMillan and Dan Butler said they 'like to do our bit here and there'

The four good deed revellers who stopped to drunkenly fix a bike rack at 3am will be given an award for their 'public-spirited' actions, councillors said today.

Footage swept the internet yesterday of the group emerging from a takeaway in Boston, Lincs, after a night out and stopping to wrench the damaged rack back into position.

The men, dressed for a night out and holding takeaway food, spot the damaged metal hoop and decide to put things right with a good deed.

Refreshing CCTV footage shows them work together to yank the black bike rack back into shape.

Dean Mason, Martin Griggs, Simon McMillan and Dan Butler spent several minutes working the rack back into position, before having a congratulatory team hug and high-fiving for a job well done.

As Boston Borough Council said the group would be rewarded for their actions, the modest lads said they were 'shocked' by the positive reaction to the footage.

Chef Dean Mason said the friends simply like 'to do our bit here and there'.
Dean (left) and Martin (right) are congratulated by Mayor of Boston Cllr Paul Kenny and Cllr Stephen Woodliffe …

The five lads take it upon themselves to mend the damaged rack. (SWNS)
Dean, 23, said: 'We do feel quite proud of ourselves. I think we did a good job.  Everybody is very happy about it.

'People have been saying 'good on you' and that it's nice to see lads not just destroying the place and doing good for once. 

Dean and Martin said they've been 'shocked' by the positive reaction to the footage. (SWNS)'Its not the first time we've helped out, we sometimes help drunk people get into taxis.'

Boston Borough Council officials recorded the scene unfolding at 3am on August 31 - after which the bike rack is left perfectly positioned.

One local councillor in Boston said the footage was 'remarkable', and hailed the lads for 'contributing to society and doing the right thing'.

Dean and pal Martin Griggs, 24, have already been personally congratulated by Mayor of Boston Paul Kenny - who coincidentally taught them maths at school.

Dean and pal Martin were joined on the night by Simon McMillan and Dan Butler, both 23, who also helped with the repair efforts.

Barman Martin, who lives in the town, said: 'We saw the bike rack and thought it was a bit knackered and it’s been broken for a while.

'We are both cyclists and had noticed it hadn't been fixed for a few weeks, we were a bit inebriated, so decided to mend it.

'We started pulling it this way and went ‘this isn't happening’, so we tried various ways and put our legs into it.

'The feedback we have had has been ridiculous. Random people have sent us messages saying well done. Its come as a bit of a shock.'

'We did it at the end of a night out, we had all probably had too much to drink and thought it would be a good idea and didn't think anymore of it afterwards.

The group work together to wrench the hoop back into position. (SWNS)
Boston Borough Council's principle community safety officer Peter Hunn praised the five men for helping them out.

He said: 'We recorded the whole sequence.

'At first two lads had a go and then encouraged others to help. At one point five were pushing and pulling.

'To look at the bike rack now you would hardly know it had been damaged.

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'The night-time economy is not all about bad lads doing bad things.'

Councillor Stephen Woodliffe, from Boston Borough Council, said he had found the footage 'remarkable'.

He added: 'Young people often get a bad press and this shows there are some who want to contribute to their society and do the right thing.
After completing their task, the men celebrate with a high-five. (SWNS)
'It shows young people acting in a very positive and constructive manner and shows they have a good and responsible attitude to what's happening in their town.

'Their actions were very public spirited and impressive.'

Mr Woodliffe said the damaged fixture had been reported to the council but the men had stepped in before their team could look at it.