Quiz! How well prepared are you for a January health kick?

Ross McGuinness
·1-min read
Quiz! How well prepared are you for a January health kick?

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve now behind us, it’s the time of year when many consider a health kick to counteract the festive excess.

Whether it’s Dry January, where participants give up all alcohol for the first month of the year, or ‘Veganuary’, which involves shunning all meat and dairy, the first 31 days have become synonymous with getting fit and healthy.

In our latest daily quiz, we want to find out how ready you are for a January health kick.

Do you know enough about calories, exercise and general healthy living to nail that January detox?

The following set of multiple-choice questions will truly put your healthy living knowledge to the test.

If you get full marks, congratulations! You’re well and truly ready for that sin-free January. Make sure you show off even more by sending this quiz to your friends and family to see if they can match your perfect score.

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