DS Aero Sport Lounge is a bold electric SUV with 671 bhp

uk.info@motor1.com (Adrian Padeanu)
DS Aero Sport Lounge (2020)

The striking concept offers supercar levels of acceleration and more than 400 miles of range.

DS Automobiles had a strong start of the week with the unveiling of its DS 9 flagship model and now it’s doubling down on its Geneva reveals with the introduction of the Aero Sport Lounge. While the luxury saloon will go into production, this radically styled coupe-SUV mashup is only a concept signalling the brand’s EV ambitions. The vehicle demands your attention not only thanks to its sleek design, but also due to its sheer size as the concept measures five meters (196.8 inches) in length.

Sitting on massive 23-inch wheels featuring an intricate aerodynamically optimised design, the DS Aero Sport Lounge has a heavily sloped roofline to give the sensation of a swoopy coupe. The traditional grille you’ll find on a car powered by a combustion engine has been replaced by a screen surrounding the prominent DS Automobiles logo that lights up, just so you know for sure what you’re looking at. Sleek headlights benefiting from matrix LED technology further contribute to the concept’s avant-garde look.

Motivation for the polarising SUV is provided by an electric motor developing a whopping 671 bhp to enable a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint time in just 2.8 seconds. The electric motor feeds on a large 110-kWh battery mounted in the floor and with enough juice for an impressive range of more than 404 miles (650 kilometres).

While images of the concept’s cabin are not available at the moment of writing, DS Automobiles says it has “reinvented the interior to create a machine to travel in.” The company goes on to mention there are screens hooked up to the exterior cameras to replace the conventional side mirrors, and there are additional displays for each occupant. In addition, the infotainment system benefits from haptic control technology to make you “feel like you’re touching shapes and textures in a completely empty space.”

What else is DS up to?

PSA’s premium division will have the DS Aero Sport Lounge on display at the Geneva Motor Show alongside the DS 9 beginning March 3. While the concept isn’t destined to enter production, Béatrice Foucher, CEO DS Automobiles, does hint something similar is in the works:

“If we present a concept bearing a new bodywork shape and with an interior in materials as original as they are luxurious with a firm commitment, it’s because our projects in the field are already very advanced. Our growth shows that our customers are looking for this expertise and technology. It’s the reason DS Automobiles exists. Make a date over the coming months.”