Dua Lipa shares French version of IDGAF, promises Maitre Gims collaboration

Roisin O'Connor
Dua Lipa

British pop star Dua Lipa has shared a French version of her track "IDGAF".

The song from her self-titled debut album was planned to be released in France as a remixed version featuring rapper Maître Gims earlier this year.

English-language songs are often remixed to secure airplay, as the country imposes a 35% quota of French-language music on radio stations.

While the version with Maître Gims is yet to be released, Dua Lipa's solo version where she sings in French on the pre-chorus is now available on YouTube.

Posting the link on Twitter, she wrote: "Your wish is my command bbs!" [sic] and then in French, added: "To all my French loves, I have just recorded a version of 'IDGAF' on which I sing in French aahhh! There is also a version with Maître Gims, my favorite rapper. I hope I can play it very soon!"

Check out the song below:

Dua Lipa was recently the subject of resurfaced rumours about the artist set to perform the next James Bond theme song.

Pop band Years & Years were being interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live when Mikey Goldsworthy seemed to let slip that Dua Lipa was recording a track for the upcoming film.

Referring to the band's recent video, he said: “Because we had Judy Dench who was M, and Ben Whishaw who was Q, we thought it would be us. I thought they'd ask us to do the theme tune but I think Dua Lipa is doing it.”

As the Radio 5 host did a double take and tried to follow-up on Goldsworthy's comment, Goldsworthy's bandmate Emre Turkman appeared to try and distract him by revealing his favourite Ben Whishaw film.

“Am I not supposed to say that?” Goldsworthy asked, prompting singer Olly Alexander to joke: “Do you have intel we don't?”

“I dunno. I feel bad now,” Goldsworthy said. 'I've ruined everything. Well, hopefully, and then we'll do it."

Goldsworthy then told the story of how Whishaw, who will reprise his role as Q in the next James Bond film, told him Radiohead were going to do the previous theme.

“And then they rejected it,” Goldsworthy laughed. “And I looked like a fool! I was right though, kind of.”

Dua Lipa has previously responded to rumours that she might be a contender to sing the Bond theme, saying she didn't want to speculate in case she jinxed it: “I would love to do it,” she said.