Dubai tragedy as mum sees husband's fatal accident as she holds their baby

Charlotte and Ali met on Depop in 2018 and quickly fell in love
-Credit: (Image: SWNS)

A West Midlands mum has spoken about the heart breaking moment she watched on as her partner was killed in a jet ski accident in Dubai while she was holding their four-month-old baby. Agonisingly, her final words to him were "be safe, I love you".

Thirty-one-year-old Charlotte Lescott was living the expat dream in Dubai with her partner Ali Watson, 28, and their daughter Soulie, 3, after they moved for a "better quality of life". But the family's new chapter took a tragic turn on December 6, 2020, during a boat trip when Ali was struck and killed instantly by a jet ski instructor.

After Ali's tragic accident, Charlotte faced the difficulty of coping without him and discovered their life insurance policy was inactive, leaving her struggling financially. She is eager to prevent others from going through a similar experience and now campaigns for financial awareness to keep Ali's memory alive.

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The Birmingham content creator shared: "We went on a boat with a bunch of friends. He was out in the water on a jet ski and the instructor collided with him. I was holding the baby on the boat and witnessed it. The last thing I said was 'be safe, I love you'.

"My world stopped spinning the moment Ali died. I couldn't function. The world around you is still carrying on."

Her romance with Ali blossomed after a chance encounter in 2018 on Depop, leading them to move in together within three months. In December 2019, they discovered they were expecting Soulie, who was born on July 29, 2020. During the lockdown period, the family decided to try out Dubai in September 2020.

Speaking about their life in the UK, Charlotte said: "Ali wasn't happy in the UK. There was no quality of life. We ended up building a life there. It was just nice. We had a better quality of life. We could take Soulie swimming. I felt life was complete."

However, her world came crashing down in December 2020. She recalled: "Even when I saw the crash I didn't think the worst. I thought he'd have a broken leg. Death doesn't go through your mind. When my friend said Char you need to sit down - I knew what she was going to say. I just felt my whole world had collapsed."

Charlotte and Ali with their daughter Soulie
Charlotte and Ali with their daughter Soulie -Credit:SWNS

While grieving, Charlotte tried to handle the paperwork but found out they didn't have life insurance coverage. She added: "It had been cancelled. We had a lot of stuff in a shipment. A lot of Soulie's clothes, the cot. I couldn't get it released to me because it was in Ali's name. Me and my baby had literally nothing."

"When you lose someone unexpectantly life stops. You still have to pay rent or mortgage and bills. They don't stop but you have stopped." Over time, Charlotte has started to heal and discusses Ali with her daughter.

She said: "If I didn't have her I would be lost. I had to carry on because she was a newborn. Soulie is very aware of her dad. She dreams of him. She's got his eyes.

"She's very fragile, sensitive, and very kind. She's such a ray of sunshine. I just want to protect her at all costs."

When Charlotte returned to the UK, she could count on the support of family and friends, but she often felt too embarrassed to ask for help. She explained: "I was embarrassed to ask family. I didn't want to say 'can you help me financially? You don't want to think about paying the bills. I didn't take ownership of my finances."

Charlotte now advocates for financial independence and emphasises the importance of having life insurance. She stated: "Be aware of it for yourself. Don't just rely on him." She recommends muminsurance to help get life insurance in place.

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