Duchess of Cambridge reflects on parenthood as she chats to first-time mothers on visit to Peckham

Robert Jobson
Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror

The Duchess of Cambridge today reflected on the speed with which her children are growing up at a centre working with young parents.

Two weeks after dropping her middle child, Princess Charlotte, off at school for the first time with Prince George, the royal mother-of-three appeared to regret the pace of change.

“She said children grow up so quickly and she can’t believe that George is six already,” young mum Chloe Koroma, 23, said after chatting to the future Queen.

Kate, 37, met parents working with nurses from the Family Nurse Partnership team in the south London borough of Southwark during a previously unannounced visit today.

The duchess, who has made it her life’s work to champion efforts to give all children a better start to life in their early years, wanted to see the work of Family Nurse Partnership (FNP). The organisation operates in 70 areas across England pairing up often disadvantaged parents aged under 24 with nurses who visit them regularly from early pregnancy until the first child is aged two.

Ms Koroma, whose brother Josh Koroma is a forward with Championship football team Huddersfield Town, started working with an FNP nurse when she was pregnant with her four-year-old son Oliver.

The young mum, whose son was wearing a Huddersfield shirt bearing his uncle’s name, is bipolar and suffered from post-natal depression. She said: “It was lovely meeting the duchess. She asked how old Oliver is and what football shirt he was wearing.

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“My nurse Debbie was a fantastic support throughout my pregnancy. She was always there for me and gave me lots of advice and guidance.

“When Oliver was born she constantly checked in with me to make sure I was feeling OK.”

She added: “I no longer use the service but I’m still in touch with Debbie as she was such a big part of my life.”

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