Duck saves friend from being eaten in China

This is the endearing moment a duck tries to save its friend from being taken away from their home in eastern China by pecking at the plastic bag it was bagged in.The adorable scene was filmed at the residence of an 80-year-old woman who was raising the two ducks, in the city of Bozhou, situated in the Anhui Province.Her granddaughter, Chen, told local media that she was visiting the old woman and as she was getting ready to leave, her grandmother packed up a live duck in a plastic bag for her to take back home.But as soon as they wrapped up the bird, another duck started pecking at the bag in a panic, refusing to let its companion be taken away.Chen filmed the heart-warming scenario, which shows the feathery friend desperately trying to free its pal.Her grandmother, who has been raising ducks for more than two years, gave in to the duck's plea and decided to let the bagged-up one go free.As she approached them, the protective bird still continued trying to shield its pal before it finally realised that the other duck would be released and calmed down.