Dumbarton artist Lewis Deeney's work becomes highest displayed painting in UK

Dumbarton artist Lewis Deeney displaying work at top of Ben Nevis
-Credit: (Image: Lennox Herald)

Dumbarton artist Lewis Deeney’s work has become the highest displayed painting in the UK.

As part of preparation for his new exhibition, titled The Sky Is Dreaming which opens in Dunfermline next month, Lewis has displayed a painting inspired by Scotland’s Celtic past at the summit of Ben Nevis.

That makes the work the highest displayed painting ever in the UK; with Lewis revealing it was something he had been considering for a while - and how it felt seeing his work in one of the country’s most naturally stunning landscapes.

He told the Lennox: “It all started when I was thinking of unique ways that I could promote my upcoming exhibition, The Sky is Dreaming, which is inspired by Scotland’s ancient past, and exhibiting a painting on top of Ben Nevis seemed like the thing to do.

Dumbarton artist Lewis Deeney displaying work at top of Ben Nevis
Lewis saw his work displayed at the top of Ben Nevis. -Credit:Lennox Herald

“It’s not something that I’m aware of having been done before. I tried looking but did not find much. Paintings have been exhibited higher due to the elevation of some cities in other countries but in the UK it’s the highest ever exhibited painting.

“Seeing it at the top was wonderful. It’s always a relief reaching the summit during a hike, but this time was extra special.

“It felt a bit surreal and bizarre, everyone’s kitted out in their walking gear as it was below zero with the wind chill and I was wandering about with a painting all excited.

“We were very much in the clouds so unfortunately had no view but it did add to the atmosphere of the experience. The cold did set in quite quickly once we’d stopped moving so didn’t stay up for too long but on reflection it was a proud experience.”

And Lewis said that deciding which painting to take was an easy decision - for practical reasons as much as any other factor.

He continued: “The painting decided for me, it just seemed right like the right one. Originally, I planned on bringing up a really big one but over a certain size the painting becomes a bit like a sail, so I thought rather than blow off the side I’ll take a smaller one. “

Dumbarton artist Lewis Deeney displaying work at top of Ben Nevis
The striking work at the summit of Ben Nevis -Credit:Lennox Herald

Now he hopes to display further work in unorthodox locations, adding: “The reaction has been really positive.

“The people up the top who I asked to come see it were a bit confused at first but then enjoyed the idea and the painting. The video I made documenting the experience has been well received.”

The Sky Is Dreaming, funded by Creative Scotland, runs between July 5 and July 28, at the Fire Station Creative, Dunfermline, with an opening night on the on July 4 between 7-11 pm.