Dunelm’s £40 energy-efficient heated clothes airer costs just 3p an hour to run – and it’s back in stock

The household appliance is cheaper than most on the market (The Independent)
The household appliance is cheaper than most on the market (The Independent)

The spiraling energy crisis and soaring prices means we’re all looking for more cost-effective solutions to save on our bills this winter. And with cold weather around the corner, an affordable alternative to drying washing is high on the list of priorities.

Enter, the heated clothes airer. These genius devices are not only useful for speeding up drying times, they’re also far cheaper than using a tumble dryer.

Compared to the average cycle on a tumble dryer – which can set you back between 50p and £1.55 an hour, depending on the model – most heated airers cost less than 40p an hour to run. This means that, after your initial investment, you could potentially save money on your annual bills.

If this has piqued your interest, we have even better news. Dunelm has released a model that could save you even more. Dropping just in time for the weather cooling, this heated ladder airer is both space saving and energy efficient, with a running cost of around 3p an hour.

Using less energy than your average heated airer, the device is also one of the cheapest on the market, costing just £40 – meaning it’s no surprise it sold out within a week of launching. But now, it’s back and, with winter on the way, this may be just what you need to keep costs down. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Dunelm heated ladder airer: £40, Dunelm.com


Vertically designed with heated bars, Dunelm’s ladder airer is compact and slimline, making it far more space-saving than your average heated dryer. Made from sturdy and sleek looking aluminum, the airer features 3m of drying space and is suitable for up to 5kg of clothes or towels.

With most heated airers costing upwards of £55, it’s less of an initial investment and better still, more cost-effective over time. Plus, it’ll help speed up your drying process while saving on energy, as the ladder only costs around 3p an hour to run.

However, considering the current cost-of-living crisis making energy-efficient heated airers hot property, we predict Dunelm’s heated ladder airer won’t stick around for long.

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