Duo of ‘professional criminals’ jailed after attempting to pickpocket 10-year-old boy on Tube

Jailed: Daniela-Catita Bobocel and Narghita Iancu (British Transport Police)
Jailed: Daniela-Catita Bobocel and Narghita Iancu (British Transport Police)

A duo of “professional criminals” who attempted to pickpocket a ten-year-old boy on the Tube have been jailed.

Daniela-Catita Bobocel, 35, and Narghita Iancu, 41, both of no fixed address, both pleaded guilty to attempted theft at Central London Magistrates’ Court on August 18.

Bobocel was sentenced to eighteen weeks imprisonment and Iancu was sentenced to fourteen weeks.

The court heard how plain clothes officers from the British Transport Police on patrol at Tottenham Court Road noticed the pair looking closely at other passengers and their property as they entered and exited the station.

The officers saw Bobocel and Iancu approach an elderly woman and attempt to move towards her rucksack, but they were unsuccessful as the woman moved out of their reach.

They attempted to target two other women before settling on pickpocketing the young boy. They used a scarf to cover his bag and Bobocel put her hand in to steal from it.

However, police swooped in as an offence had now been committed and arrested them on the spot.

Inspector Sharon Turner said: “Bobocel and Iancu are professional criminals who quite sickeningly, deliberately preyed on a young child after unsuccessfully attempting to steal from adults.

“Thankfully our specially trained plain clothes officers were able to intercept them in the act and ensure they are now behind bars.

“Passengers should feel reassured to know we have plain clothes patrols like this taking place across the Underground day and night to keep everyone safe.

Inspector Turner added that anyone with concerns while travelling could contact the force by texting 61016.