Dust swallows upcoming car after bags of cement falling from truck in Thailand

A giant cloud of dust swallowed a car after bags of cement falling from a truck in Thailand.

The delivery vehicle was travelling on the rural road in Krabi, southern Thailand on Sunday (February 16) afternoon when the items toppled off at a sharp corner.

Dashcam footage from an approaching car shows how the truck slid and threw the cement all over the road towards a woman's car.

The woman behind the wheel braced herself for the impact as several large blocks also slammed into her white Honda CR-V.

The 28-year-old male driver allegedly told the police who attended the scene that he lost control after he tried to evade an old man walking on the sideways.

He said: "I was driving quickly then I swerved to avoid an old man who was walking on the side of the road. Then when I tried to move back into my lane, the truck fell over.''

The truck driver and the woman were taken to the police station for mediation. They agreed for the truck driver's company to pay for the damage to the woman's car and the police fined the truck driver 400 THB (9.86 GBP) for carelessly driving.

Police Major Siam Sorn-in warned truckers to drive more carefully.

He said: "Fortunately there were no casualties in this accident.

"I want this to be the case study for the road user to drive carefully and avoid entering curves too quickly, especially the fully loaded truck as it could cause accidents.''