Dutch people queue up outside cafes to stockpile cannabis before coronavirus restrictions imposed

People queue outside a cannabis coffee shop on Sunday in The Hague, the Netherlands (AFP via Getty Images)

People in the Netherlands queued up outside cafes to stockpile cannabis before nationwide coronavirus restrictions.

The famous coffee shops were included with other shops, schools, sex clubs, bars and restaurants that have been closed to stop the spread of Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.

The large Dutch flower industry has also been adversely affected by coronavirus.

On the eve of the introduction of the restrictions on Monday, long queues were seen outside a number of coffee shops which sell cannabis.

Cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands, but is decriminalised for personal use and is available in coffee shops.

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According to John Hopkins University, there have been more than 1,100 cases of coronavirus in the Netherlands, with 20 deaths and two recoveries.

Dozens of people queued up outside The Point coffee shop in The Hague on Sunday.

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A Dutch shopper called Jonathan told AFP: “For maybe for the next two months we're not able to get some weed so it should be nice to at least have some in the house.

Queues formed outside coffee shops across the Netherlands after the government announced coronavirus restrictions (AFP via Getty Images)

"My friend called me like five minutes ago, he saw the press conference - good friend.”

The queues were sparked after Dutch health and education ministers held a press conference and told the nation about the imminent closure of shops and schools.

Queues also formed outside coffee shops in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

In The Hague, staff separated customers into different lines depending on whether they paid with cash or card.

The Dutch government has ordered the closing of all schools, bars, restaurants, sex clubs and cannabis cafes (AFP via Getty Images)

An Irishwoman who gave her name as Hannah told AFP: "I wouldn't mind having a little bit of weed, keep it easy while we're at home for so long.

“It might be a long time in quarantine.

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"I was literally just watching the press conference with my flatmate and then I just went downstairs and suddenly there's this queue of like 30 people, and all these cars arriving as well now."

Dutch health minister Bruno Bruins warned people not to stockpile.

He said: "Do not hoard. It is not necessary."

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