The Dutch Have A Massive Blue Brexit Monster Because... Oh We Don't Even Know Anymore

Chris York
What's blue, furry, massive and wears a Brexit t-shirt?Yeah, we have no idea either but there's one on the desk of the Dutch foreignminister and he doesn't seem too happy about it

What’s blue, furry, massive and wears a Brexit t-shirt?

Yeah, we have no idea either but there’s one on the desk of the Dutch foreign minister and he doesn’t seem too happy about it.

The specimen appears to be advertising the country’s Brexit resilience website for businesses, and politician Stef Blok is warning: “Do not let Brexit get in your way ... or lie down.”

If you’re still a bit confused, don’t feel bad about it – Dutch people replying to the tweet seem equally baffled. One wrote: “This shows how seriously our government sees the business world! Should we take the ‘Muppets’ in The Hague seriously?”

The Dutch are no fans of Brexit and have been vocal in their disdain for the UK. The country’s prime minister, Mark Rutte, gave a brutal assessment this week of the the state of Britain as it heads towards a possible no-deal.

He said: “Who will be left weakened by Brexit is the United Kingdom. “It is already weakening, it is a waning country compared to two or three years ago.

“It is going to become an economy of middling size in the Atlantic Ocean. It is neither the US nor the EU.

“It is too small to appear on the world stage on its own.”


Elsewhere, MPs have the opportunity to express their views on Brexit in a series of Valentine’s Day votes in the House of Commons.

The greatest threat to the Prime Minister’s majority appears to come on her own motion, with Conservative eurosceptics threatening to rebel over fears it could commit Theresa May to ruling out a no-deal Brexit.

A variety of amendments have been tabled, with Commons Speaker John Bercow selecting which go to a debate and vote. Votes on amendments will not be legally binding on the Government, reports the Press Association.