DVSA forced to deny driving licences over 'observation' mistake at junction

The most common reasons people fail driving tests have been revealed. A study has revealed the most common reasons why people have failed their driving test for the last five years - with the Driving and Vehicles Standards Agency forced to take action.

ACTRONICS LTD analysed data from the DVSA to reveal the top five mistakes made in car driving tests since April 2018. The most frequent mistake in car driving tests since April 2018 has been insufficient observation at junctions.

Failing to properly assess the road and check for oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists before entering or crossing junctions has been a common problem among those taking the test. The second involved incorrect use of mirrors during changes of direction and t urning right at junctions was the third most popular fault. Poor steering control was the fourth most common fault, and failing to move off safely from a stationary position was fifth.

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A representative for ACTRONICS said: "To put these figures into perspective the average pass rate for the 289 driving test centres in the study was 50.27%. And the driving test centre that had the highest pass rate was Arbroath in Scotland, out of 560 tests 413 people were successful resulting in an overall pass rate of 73.75%."

Once again, Speke held the title of having the worst driving centre pass rate in the UK. Danny Smith, who runs Danny's Driving School, said he thinks the reason it's particularly hard to pass in Speke is the "perfect storm" of tricky roads, fast roundabouts, and people taking their tests without having driving lessons from an instructor.

The 43-year-old said: "What you tend to find is the inner cities and the built up areas, the pass rate is worse and the more rural centres tend to have a higher pass rate as they're a little bit out the way. That's definitely one of the main factors.

"Historically Speke has always been number one as the lowest pass rate in the country. I got to know the areas a little bit [in Speke] and some of the roads around there are particularly tricky, and I have no doubt that's responsible for a lot of the fails."