Dwayne Johnson Donates $1,500 To Save An Abandoned Puppy

We all ‘awwed’ in unison when Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson revealed that he’d saved one of his puppies from drowning back in September, and then we all cried when he shared the sad news that the puppy had died a few weeks later.

Now the actor has once again melted our hearts with his kindness towards animals, with it being revealed that he donated $1,500 to save an abused and abandoned puppy that was named after him.

Dwayne found out about the heartbreaking pup when actress Michelle Trachtenberg tweeted the star to tell him about the dog’s ordeal, with it cruelly having wire wrapped around his mouth before being abandoned.

The ‘Buffy’ actress wrote: “This puppy named after @TheRock was tortured, abandoned! … He needs our help for life saving surgery [SIC]”.

He responded with: “This is rough to read about. Poor lil’ pup abandoned w/ a wire wrapped around his mouth. I’ll help. Stay strong pup [SIC]”.

The wrestler then went on the dog’s GoFundMe page, which had been set up to save the dog, and paid the remaining money required to reach the $5,000 goal.

He then tweeted Michelle to thank her for notifying him, writing: “You’re the best for bringing it to my attention. Let’s get this lil’ guy feeling great for Christmas! Thx MT!

“Plus he has the coolest name of all time. [SIC]”

The Saving SPOT Shelter that rescued the dog confirmed that he now stands a good chance of surviving thanks to Dwayne’s generous donation.

A post on their site read: “Knowing that ‘The Rock’ has got Dwayne the puppy’s back, we are confident he will be a fighter and make it through this.

“Thank you all for your generous donations- thanks to you we have met our goal.”

No we’re not crying, you are.