DWP issues update for claimants on PIP enhanced mobility rate after rule change

A new Department for Work and Pensions update has been issued for older people due Personal Independence Payment (PIP)'s £303 monthly enhanced mobility rate after a rule change. The DWP PIP enhanced mobility rate also provides access to the Motability Scheme.

In a new update, the DWP has issued fresh guidance to 'Apply for your PIP claim to be looked at if your mobility award was not increased because you reached State Pension age'. It informs claimants: "How to ask for your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim to be looked at again if you were told your mobility award could not increase because you had reached State Pension age."

It added: "If DWP used a health professional report when reviewing your claim, and you had not reported a change in your mobility needs, you may be entitled to an increase in your mobility award. This is because we should not have told you that it could not be increased because you had reached your State Pension age. You may have got more money."

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You may be entitled to an increased award for the mobility part of your PIP, even if you have stopped getting PIP, if all of the following apply: you had your PIP claim reviewed between 8 April 2013 and 29 November 2020, you were over State Pension age, you received the standard rate of the mobility award, you did not report a change in your circumstances that affected your mobility needs. you had a health professional assessment which recommended the enhanced rate of the mobility award, you continued to receive the standard rate of the mobility award or your decision letter told you we could not increase your mobility award because you were over State Pension age.

"If you are getting PIP now, we will not reduce your award because of this change," the DWP adds. "We cannot look again at any decisions made by a tribunal." Contact PIP and say you are enquiring about the ‘Regulation 27 administrative exercise review’.

You’ll need your National Insurance number. (You can find this on letters about tax, pensions and benefits.)