DWP warn Universal Credit claimants over new wave of online scams

The DWP may call from an unknown number
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The DWP has issued an urgent warning to Universal Credit claimants over scam phone calls - and how people can verify that they are speaking to a legitimate representative from the Department instead of a malicious cold caller.

The Government has issued new guidance on its website which could help people distinguish between genuine calls and those from scammers who are trying to con them out of personal information and finances. The DWP noted that its phone systems can sometimes cause calls from them to be displayed as an "0800" or an unknown number.

And because of this. claimants could potentially be missing calls from the DWP as they are cautious over answering calls from unrecognised numbers. The DWP has said that it will let people know when in their Universal Credit Journal when they will call, and say that people should not ignore 0800 or unknown numbers that ring at that time.

The Mirror reports that the DWP has confirmed that it will 'ensure that you know the call is genuine' - with guidance on the UC page reading: "Our phone systems mean calls from us may display as 0800 numbers, or an unknown number. If you get a call from an unknown number following our message in your online account please pick up, as it’s likely to be DWP.

"We will ensure that you know the call is genuine. There are scams preying on people, so do not share information if you’re not sure the call is from DWP. If you are in any doubt, you could ask the caller to post a specific form of words into your journal so you can be sure it’s us."