DWP warning to not ignore letter being sent to millions with benefit to be stopped

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Housing Benefit recipients have been urged not to disregard letters from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) landing on their doorsteps from next week, as ignoring them could result in a loss of payments. The Migration Notice letters being sent out are informing claimants about changes to their benefits.

The Housing Benefit is set to be phased out and incorporated into Universal Credit (UC), leading to millions of claimants being transitioned to the new system. However, this process isn't automatic and those affected will need to apply for UC.

Letters arriving in June will outline that claimants have a three-month window to do this, after which their previous benefits will cease. To avoid any disruption to their payments, it's crucial they apply within this timeframe, reports BirminghamLive.

Benefit claimants are strongly advised not to ignore these letters as they contain vital information on how to continue receiving payments. More details about these changes can be found on the Government website for anyone feeling uncertain or concerned about how they will be impacted.

In July, those receiving Employment Support Allowance with Child Tax Credits are scheduled to be contacted, followed by Jobseekers Allowance claimants in September.

A Government spokesman stated: "You need to move to Universal Credit if you've received a Migration Notice letter, as one or more of your benefits will be ending soon. To continue receiving financial support you must claim Universal Credit by the deadline date given in your letter. This is three months from the date the letter was sent out."

"If you cannot claim Universal Credit by the deadline date, you should contact the Universal Credit Migration Notice helpline as soon as possible."