Dylan and Ciara both regain consciousness

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Alistair Heap - BBC

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Ciara wakes to the aftermath of the crash and hears Joel screaming her name. Dylan is unconscious at the wheel before waking. He gets out of the car to make sure everyone is okay, and asks passers-by for two ambulances to be called.

With Joel still screaming for her, Ciara is desperate to leave, but Dylan won't leave those that are hurt behind. He helps to bind a patient's pelvis after she was knocked down. Dylan even checks on Joel, despite all the abuse, repositioning his open fracture to save his life.

Later, it's crunch time for Dylan and Ciara.

Photo credit: Alistair Heap - BBC

Meanwhile, Marty and Jade treat a patient called Lenny, who drank a whole bottle of wine after his date abandoned him. Seeing Marty treating hot patient Rufus, Jade makes herself available to "help". The two swoon upon hearing that Rufus volunteers and is the lead singer of a band.

Lenny takes notice of Rufus as well, but is quickly brushed away by the two. Unsure whether Rufus is gay or straight, Marty and Jade squabble over him. They decide to settle things with a challenge.

Elsewhere, seeing Harriet on the floor, Iain has a flashback to Mia at the crash site.

Also this week, Rash helps a patient through a cervical cancer diagnosis, Marty offers to babysit for Robyn so that she can have time to herself, while Alicia learns that Ethan bought all of the donated toys himself.

Photo credit: Alistair Heap - BBC

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