Dyson V8 vs Dyson V10 – we've tested both to find the best cordless option

 Dyson V8 vs Dyson V10: a Dyson V10 vacuuming cereal and debris off a gray carpet.
Dyson V8 vs Dyson V10: a Dyson V10 vacuuming cereal and debris off a gray carpet.

Dyson is one of very few brands who can assure quality and convenience with just the brand name. They're widely coveted and relentlessly innovative, but most Dyson vacuums tend to come with a high price tag, too.

Opting for an older version can save you money without much compromise. We've done a roundup of the cheapest Dysons on the market. For most people, it comes down to two models: the Dyson V8 and the Dyson V10. These are old enough to be significantly reduced in price, but still new enough to have modern features.

Our experts have tested both, so have the in-person experience and details you need to make an informed decision. I'll go into all the detail below, but the short answer is that the Dyson V10 is better. It performs better, has a better runtime, a larger dustbin capacity, and more accessories, but tends to be more expensive than the V8.

Best Dyson V8 and V10 deals

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Dyson V8 | Was $358.60, now $299.00 at Amazon
This is one of the oldest Dysons worth buying. Sure, the run time is shorter and it doesn't have lasers, but it's nimble and the suction power is impressive. If you want a budget Dyson, this is your best bet.

Dyson V10 | Was $549 , now $ at 

Dyson V8 vs Dyson V10

Dyson V8 vacuuming cereal from a hard wood floor
Dyson V8 vacuuming cereal from a hard wood floor

Winner: Dyson V10

I'll get straight into it. These cordless vacuums are incredibly similar: they have Dyson's signature trigger function, bagless dustbin and agile floorhead. We were impressed by both when we tested them on linoleum, hard wood, and carpet . In fact, they made enough of an impression to both earn inclusions in our buying guide for the best cordless vacuums. You'll be pleased to clean with either model, but there are some differences to dissect.

Whilst the V8 is almost as long as the V10, it is smaller in both depth, width, and weight. Combined with a smaller dustbin, this is generally more compact and 0.8 lbs lighter to use. In reality, this isn't much, but if you move up and down stairs often or get tired quickly, this could be a deal-breaker.

Dyson sale
Dyson sale

The V8 has an average run time which is 20 minutes shorter than the V10 and takes an extra two hours to reach full charge. With this in mind, the V10 is a better option for large homes, because you can use it for longer and if you ever do run out of charge, two hours is a significant time difference to wait before you can clean again.

The V10 also comes with more extras (two cleaner heads and ten tools compared to the V8's one cleaner head and five tools).

I've listed them all in the table below, but if you're not familiar with Dyson, they'll look like random words. Essentially, the V8 and V10 both come with an excellent cleaner head (Motorbar) which works best on soft floors. They also both have a charger, docking station (both which are self explanatory), a combination tool (which has a wide nozzle and brush for tougher dirt), a tool for picking up long hair, and a crevice tool to clean baseboards and narrow spaces. On top of the V8's accessories, the V10 has a special cleaner head for hard floors, a tool for cleaning upholstery and mattresses, a brush for particularly stubborn dirt, a dusting brush, and a bend adaptor which helps you to reach more difficult areas on the ceiling.

You might not need these if you're a more perfunctory, superficial cleaner. If you don't, you can save $130 and opt for the V8. If you turn the house upside down and get down and dirty with all your vacuum extras, you'll appreciate what the V10 has to offer.

Dyson V8 Animal

First launched in 2016, this is a basic cordless model. It has fewer accessories than the V10, but is also $130 cheaper. It's lightweight and agile, but sacrifices bin capacity and 20 minutes of runtime to do so. If you want a Dyson and you're on a budget, you can't go wrong with this one.

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Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

The main differences between the V10 and the V8 are in the extra accessories. This has different floorheads for hard and soft floors (I notice a big difference when I switch between them) and lots of extra accessories for tougher, deeper cleaning. The battery can charge faster and last longer, too.

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Other options

Ultenic U12 Vesla Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Ultenic U12 Vesla Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you're not sold on the V8 or the V10, there are plenty of other options. We have a guide dedicated to cordless vacuums as well as the cheapest Dysons on the market. Here are a few of our favorites.

Shark Vertex Cordless

If, after all that, you've decided to ditch your Dyson dreams, Shark is the next best option. In fact, some of our experts prefer their vacuums. This is cheaper than the V8 and the V10, whilst offering better performance than both models.

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Cheaper than Dysons

Ultenic U12 Vesla

Whilst the suction power and battery life on the Ultenic aren't quite Dyson level, this offers incredible value for a vacuum under $200. This comes close to the features of Dyson's V15, but just feels cheaper all-round.

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Another Dyson option

Dyson Omni-Glide

This is the smallest Dyson on the market. It's designed for quick spot cleans on hard wood floors, but we've tested it on carpets and it works well too. It won't replace your main vacuum, but is a cheap way to own a Dyson.

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Is the Dyson V10 better than the V8?

Dyson's V10 might be better for some people because it's quicker to charge, has a longer battery life, and comes with more cleaning accessories. However, if you're looking for a cheaper, lightweight alternative, you'll prefer using the V8.

Is the Dyson V10 worth the extra money?

For some people, yes. If you're looking for a basic vacuum and don't need all the extra accessories, the V8 will be an excellent money-saving option. The V10 is worth the money if you'll use the accessories.

How we test

dyson v8 animal
dyson v8 animal

At Homes & Gardens we are meticulous about how we test our vacuums. We take these to our dedicated test center or homes where we put them through their paces. Each vacuum has to go through a series of standardized tests across hard wood, linoleum, and carpet floors.

We scatter hair, cereal, and flour across these floors and measure how well a vacuum can collect up these. It's an excellent indicator of how they'll handle day-to-day dirt, dust, and debris in the home. We'll also make notes on storage, handling, and unboxing, so you know exactly what to expect when using any of these vacuums. If you'd like to find out more about the process, you can visit our dedicated page for how we test vacuums.

Final thoughts

Dyson v8 floor head
Dyson v8 floor head

When I'm doing a deep clean, I don't want my vacuum to be the limiting factor: that should be time. For that reason, the V10 is the vacuum that I would choose. The range of accessories means that you'll be able to have your home sparkling. The charge is also important for me, because I don't want to have to stop and wait for too long between cleans. However, the V8 is still a good option, especially if you're shopping on a budget.