E-scooter boy, 16, ‘killed by driver on wrong side of road’ in Bromley

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The scene at Southborough lane in Bromley on Monday morning (John Dunne/Evening Standard)
The scene at Southborough lane in Bromley on Monday morning (John Dunne/Evening Standard)

A teenage e-scooter rider was killed after being hit by a car travelling on the wrong side of the road at high speed, witnesses claimed on Monday. 

The 16-year-old was thrown 30 yards down the street after the collision in Southborough Lane, Bromley, south London, at 1.20am on Sunday,

An off duty nurse tried to save his life but he died later in hospital. His e-scooter was stolen from the scene. 

The car, a red Fiat Punto, did not stop but was discovered nearby. A 20-year-old man was later arrested arrested in connection with the incident. 

Witness Sarah Auborn, 60, said: “From what we have seen the boy was doing nothing wrong. He was just riding in the road normally the right way.

“It seems that the Fiat was doing an estimated 70mph and veered onto the wrong side of the road to avoid a speed camera.”

She added: “A nurse who lives near me ran out with a neighbour. They gave CPR and battled to save his life, they were real heroes. 

“We are devastated. We can’t describe how upset we are.”

A family friend said: “He was the most sensible, careful boy you could imagine. This was nothing to do with him being on an e-scooter. He had it for a few years with no problems. He was such a kind, gentle boy, he was absolutely lovely.”

Police have collected CCTV footage from the scene, which is believed to show the Fiat speeding on the wrong side of the road.

Officers are also hunting for the driver of a dark coloured people carrier which stopped and picked up the damaged e-scooter before driving off.

Another neighbour said: “We have seen some footage. It was horrific. 

“A people carrier then stops and a man takes the electric scooter and drives off with it.”

The victim is at least the fifth person to die on British roads while riding an e-scooter.

A spokesman for Transport for London said that the scooter involved in the crash was not part of a rental scheme launched last month.

A police statement said: “Anyone who saw the collision, witnessed the removal of the e-scooter, or who saw a red Fiat Punto being driven in the area at around 1.20am is urged to call police.”

* A man has been arrested on suspicion of failing to stop at the scene of a collision, causing death by dangerous driving and providing a positive alcohol breath test.

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