Eamonn Holmes breaks silence with social media post after Ruth Langsford marriage split

Eamonn Holmes has spoken out for the first time since the surprising news of his split from Ruth Langsford after 14 years of marriage.

The former This Morning host, aged 64, took to Instagram on Saturday afternoon just hours after the announcement of his separation from Ruth, also 64, to post about a football match, avoiding any mention of his marital breakdown.

Alongside an artistic depiction of himself, Eamonn penned: "My God , what a Cup Final , what a Result ! #MUFC European football next season too . The Magic of The Cup . Congratulations to the whole squad."

Rumours of a shocking revelation started swirling on Saturday, before the unfortunate news was officially confirmed by the couple's representatives, the Mirror reports.

Their joint statement read: "Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have confirmed their marriage is over and they are in the process of divorcing."

Worries had been mounting for the beloved pair, who co-hosted ITV's This Morning for many years, after fans observed that they hadn't been seen together in recent months.

The couple were known for their on-air squabbles and disagreements, often happening under the watchful eye of the ITV cameras during their stint on the daytime programme, but the duo always maintained that their disputes stemmed from a place of love.

The news of the split will undoubtedly shock fans who saw the pair as one of telly's most genuine and long-lasting couples.

A source close to them put the separation down to "work commitments which took them in different directions".

They told The Sun: "They are determined to stay friends and keep things amicable."

The couple's public image took a hit in 2020 when they were unexpectedly dropped from This Morning.

Fans have been questioning the state of the television duo's marriage for months -Credit:ITV
Fans have been questioning the state of the television duo's marriage for months -Credit:ITV

Ruth remained with the broadcaster, joining the Loose Women panel, while Eamonn expressed his discontent with his former bosses after switching to GB News.

Eamonn opened up about being let go from his longstanding position 'without warning' and felt that the ITV executives were 'never kind' towards him.

Expressing his frustration, he previously said: "They tossed me out of the door and didn't care where I was going."

In the past few years, Eamonn has had to manage his television career while dealing with severe chronic pain, leading to him being seen in a wheelchair and using crutches as his condition worsened.

Just this week, Ruth discussed for the first time how Eamonn's health issues have affected their marriage.

In a candid conversation with Woman's Weekly, Ruth Langsford opened up about the challenges they've faced since Eamonn Holmes' health issues began.

Speaking during the interview, she said: "I don't know how much Eamonn's mobility will improve. We live in hope.

"He does the physio, but there might have to be some acceptance that this might never be 100% right. With any care situation - and there are millions of carers in this country - it isn't always easy. It's testing but we manage as a family."

Eamonn previously had a horrific fall down the stairs and injured his back which has led to surgery and months of rehab -Credit:ITV
Eamonn previously had a horrific fall down the stairs and injured his back which has led to surgery and months of rehab -Credit:ITV

Ruth also reflected on the importance of health: "I look at Eamonn, who's had his health and back problems, and it makes you realise how important your health is."

The couple, parents to 22 year old son Jack, have been navigating these personal trials while maintaining their public profiles.

Eamonn has three other children, Declan, 35, Niall, 31, and Rebecca, 33, from his previous marriage.

Notably, Ruth hasn't mentioned her husband on her social media platforms since July 2022, and Eamonn recently stirred the pot by posting a photo with page 3 icon Linda Lusardi, which led fans to question, "So where is Ruth? ".

Ruth and Eamonn's love story dates back to 1997 when they first crossed paths through mutual friends. After dating for over a decade, they tied the knot in 2010.

When asked about the secret to their lasting relationship, Ruth emphasised the foundation of respect and friendship: "I think always respect, mutual respect.

"And we laugh a lot. I think love and lust and everything's wonderful at the start of a relationship. But really...you've got to have that connection as friends where you feel comfortable with each other."

In April, Ruth Langsford openly discussed the possibility of her husband Eamonn Holmes leaving her for another woman during a segment on Loose Women.

She confessed to her co-panelists that she would be more devastated if Eamonn left her for a woman their own age.

Ruth expressed: "See I think, people go, 'Oh, you'd hate it if you were dumped for a younger woman'. I go, 'No, I would hate it because...' then I could do the whole cliche thing, 'Oh, Eamonn is such a cliche, he's going with a 25-year-old, how sad.'

Ruth has always been honest about her marital problems on Loose Women -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock
Ruth has always been honest about her marital problems on Loose Women -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

"But then I think 'No, the worst thing for me is if he went off with someone the same age'. I think that is harder than being dumped for someone younger. That's my worst fear."

Linda Robson quickly dismissed Ruth's worries, assuring her she had 'nothing to worry about'.

Ruth has been candid on the daytime show about the low points in her marriage to Eamonn, admitting that she had taken off her wedding ring during some of their major arguments.

The mother explained that the harsh action had lost its impact in recent disputes as she found it difficult to remove her jewellery in the heat of the moment.

Ruth said: "The thing is it can take the momentum away because my rings don't come off easily so if I was having a row and was like, 'Right, well, anyway, I'm really angry now...'"

She then demonstrated to viewers the challenge of removing her tightly fitted wedding ring.

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