Eamonn Holmes reveals he 'can't walk' as fans show support amid health woes

Eamonn Holmes
-Credit: (Image: Instagram)

Eamonn Holmes' loyal fans have rallied around the presenter after he revealed his struggle to 'barely stand up'.

The 64-year-old broadcaster, who has been open about feeling like he's "on borrowed time" since parting ways with his estranged wife Ruth Langsford, also 64, has faced a series of health challenges lately, including the need for a double hip replacement.

Holmes took to Instagram to share an image of himself propped against a door frame, dressed in cream trousers and a navy jumper. He updated his followers on his ongoing mobility issues with a concerning caption that stated: "Hard to stand up, but next aim is to walk off to a birthday party today. What about you?"

Support poured in from Eamonn's followers after his post, with many praising his determination. One fan commented: "You're doing well Eamonn, keep it up xx."

Another suggested: "Keep moving Eamonn, as painful as it may be. Every little movement is of benefit.", reports the Mirror.

A third supporter cheered: "Come on Eamonn, we're all behind you" while another complimented: "Looking good."

This show of support comes in the wake of Holmes grappling with severe back pain, which necessitated the use of an advanced wheelchair at the recent TRIC Awards.

Speaking to the Mirror, Eamonn expressed a poignant sentiment, reflecting on his father's death at 65 from a heart attack in 1991, saying he feels he is living on "borrowed time".

Admitting he almost didn't attend a prestigious event due to severe discomfort, former This Morning aficionado revealed that his innovative gadget-filled chair came to the rescue. "I wasn't going to come, but I've got this new chair with all these gadgets," he shared, as GB News Breakfast scooped the Best News programme honour.

Eamonn Holmes added: "I had an operation a year and a half ago, and two things went wrong so I have two things in my back I don't want. So I'll happily accept this."

Eamonn Holmes
Eamonn Holmes has updated fans on his health

His Dublin-born co-host on the celebrated GB News morning show, Isabel Webster, revealed colleagues and allies' thoughtful support during challenging times. She stated: "He's gone through an awful lot and we are all 100 percent behind him."

Health issues have plagued Eamonn for several years before announcing his split from Ruth Langsford in May. Now, it is believed that a circle of close female friends lends their shoulder to comfort the seasoned television presenter following his high-profile separation, causing ripples across the entertainment industry.

As reported by Best magazine, Eamonn expressed hope of remaining friends with Ruth when asked about their current relationship standing, saying: "It's too early to say, but I hope we can still be friends."

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